Communication. Your agency.

We are communication. We are your agency. For more than 20 years, the Orestes Comunica team has developed communication strategies in Spain and Latin America and the Caribbean. We work with large companies in the energy, education, forestry sector… And also with SMEs and micro-SMEs. Because our company is to communicate your company with its audiences.

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Communication starts with strategy. And the strategy must be based on the goals of your business. We work as a team with you to define your communication goals and action plan. Everything communicates. Communication aesthetics organizes everything.


From a newsletter, to press releases, dossiers, presentations, corporate publications… We create content: writing texts, audio content, video, and even immersive experiences based on virtual tours. We are a creative engine.


Your company has relationships with others in its sector, with suppliers, neighbors, administrations… We help you to generate relationships from communication projects, events, content… Relationships add up.

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