Julio Camba Award





Another project that made us happy. The Premio Internacional Afundación de Periodismo Julio Camba is one of the most important and veteran awards of the Spanish-language press. 📰

We are lucky to collaborate with Afundación in the organization and #communication. The delivery gala took place on January 16 at Casa de América. It brought together many of the best talents of the #literary press and the media in Spain. And to many friends in the cultural sector.

🖋️The addition to the jury of Jaime Abello, from the Gabo Foundation, and the Nicaraguan writer Sergio Ramírez, anticipates an award more related to chroniclers and journalists from Latin America. A commitment by the Social Work of ABANCA for the advancement and modernization of an award that reaches its 45th edition this year.

✨A more than stimulating project. A company, that of the areas of Culture and Positioning of Afundación, which is a world of professionalism and good energy at work.

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