We are a creative engine

The first of the goals that the Orestes Comunica team has every day is to be happy while working. More than a company, we are a creative engine. And we put that creativity, always, at the service of a strategy. We are your agency.

Every technical decision, or web programming, or design, should help fulfill a goal. Each campaign proposal. Every comma of a press release.

And help you achieve your goals and those of your company.

Network spirit


Darío Janeiro


I have worked in media and technology companies for over twenty-five years. I am currently the General Director of the PuntoGal Domain and a professor at the USC Faculty of Communication Sciences. When I have free time, I travel. And I read history books. High beams and forward looking.


Pancho R. Tristán


I was a journalist first. I will never stop being one. For almost 20 years, I have been working in corporate communication and marketing. Another way of counting. I like walking in the mornings, writing, discovering, design, image, photography. The technology The music to learn And wake up in front of the sea.


Noelia Lubián


I studied Advertising and Public Relations in Pontevedra and specialized with a Masters in Advertising Art Direction. I spend my free time immersing myself in love stories and fantasy worlds, as there is no better way to escape this world than through books.


Marco Arango - marango.com.co

Marco Arango



Tomás Sáinz


Telling stories. Our asset

After 20 years working with large companies in Spain and Latin America and the Caribbean, in 2019 we founded Orestes Comunica. Because we know the value of counting. What do you count? What are you talking about?

Obsession with goals

You communicate, we communicate, we do campaigns, or we develop websites to achieve goals. The care of the story, the design, the writing, or the technical soundness of the software developments, are always at the base of every service we provide.

innovation and creativity

We like to learn from the younger ones. Of the youngest Of those who were before us. Develop own systems and methods. To generate different ways to attract the attention of your audiences. Or to generate virtual experiences from scanning museums, for example.

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